IAU is proud to announce that it has partnered with WDB Real Estate Academy, Seoul, S. Korea to deliver a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Real Estate. IAU has been involved in online learning since 2010. IAU brings to the table its experience in online learning and business management education. WDB Real Estate Academy, founded by Woodaebbang Real Estate Brokerage Corporation, brings decades of Korean commercial and residential real estate experience. IAU worked jointly with WDB to deliver this unique program.

The MBA in Real Estate was designed around IAU’s core MBA curriculum, which includes Organizational Behavior & Leadership, Business Law for Managers, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, and Financial Management. Working with the faculty of WDB Real Estate Academy, the curriculum was modified to specialize in real estate. Some core MBA courses were substituted for real estate-related courses, for example, marketing management and managerial economics was substituted with real estate marketing and real estate economics, respectively.

This unique program is a blend of many American and Korean elements. It is taught by American and Korean instructors in a dual language mode. The MBA in Real Estate blends American business courses with Korean real estate courses. Business and management courses are taught in English by IAU’s Los Angeles faculty, while the real estate courses are taught in Korean by South Korean real estate professionals. All faculty have decades of experience in their respective fields. IAU’s faculty come from around the world and have decades of American business experience. WDB’s faculty come from some of the most prestigious schools in Korea, Asia, and the U.S. and have decades of real estate experience in the field.

MBA programs are all about tying theory and practice. Students can expect WBD to bring its wealth of experience with Korean real estate. The idea of real estate as an investment is an old concept, but going to business school will teach students a whole new way to look at those investments. Students will learn how to weigh the pros and cons of each piece of property and how to make investments on the behalf of your clients. The investment strategies courses that students take look at all types of real estate, including undeveloped land in rural communities, hotels and commercial properties in urban settings and even rental homes in growing cities.

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The inaugural class for the MBA in Real Estate is Fall 2022. If interested in applying to this program, please email

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