Launching New European Experience Partnership

IAU has established an exciting new opportunity for students in Europe who would like to explore the possibilities endowed by a business degree from an accredited university in the United States!

Introducing IAU European Experience. This new program allows business-minded students hungry for international exposure to start their first-year studies with one of our partner institutions in Europe and continue their 2nd year or remaining courses in one of our campuses based in the United States.

Our first participating partner is Learnkey Institute in Malta. Operating since 1995, Learnkey programs give students the management, analytical and leadership skills needed to achieve success in higher education. In 2001, Learnkey was accredited by the prestigious City and Guilds UK to deliver various Diploma courses in Secretarial, Finance and Accountancy and Business.

IAU’s affiliations with academic institutions, companies, and private organizations enable global educational opportunities for students in the U.S. and abroad, opening pathways for life-changing experiences. The partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships that educate students in their home country and provide pathways to earning a U.S. degree. Further, they promote globalization through student, faculty, administrative, and cultural exchange opportunities.

As our University‘s name suggests, IAU‘s mission is to offer students a truly international experience. In accordance with this goal, we’re always seeking more partner institutions across Europe.

International American University is open to collaboration with European Institutions. If you are interested in partnering with IAU, contact


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