IAU Student Association (ISA)



ISA is a socially and internationally diverse organization that represents the student body at International American University. The purpose of this organization shall be, to consider issues and to review, recommend, or formulate policies, as appropriate, in areas primarily or exclusively involving the International American University (IAU) Student Body. ISA will serve as a channel of communication between the students and faculty members of IAU, and the students and the Administration of IAU. ISA strives to build professional networks and facilitate opportunities to strengthen social unity among associated students of International American University.




We are a policy forum, as well as liaison between International American University and the student body. Our aim is also to help establish a professional network and help students seek opportunities. We aim to bring the students together. We will work together to not only represent International American University on a professional basis at events, but we will also ensure that the voice of students is heard in every aspect related to policymaking. The success of our organization depends on how aligned the final policies are in terms of taking into account student issues, and we will strive towards that end. We will also plan and coordinate events based on student input, in order to bring the student body together, as well as to help in networking. Students, who want specific events such as resume or career workshops or social events, are encouraged to join and help in the ISA meetings so that we can plan events that you specifically need and will make you more marketable in the corporate world.

ISA is your channel for creation and improvement. We will succeed in our goals only if all of us participate in making ISA a body that accurately represents student needs.

If you would like to contact the ISA, please email them.

2020 ISA Board Members

Andrea Hubner


Janelle Baronia

Vice President

Mervenaz Yeni


Maria Fatima Gumapac



2018-2019 ISA Board Members

Sayeda Nurjahan


Harice Quinanola

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Jocelyn Borgueta

Vice President of External Affairs

Raquel Zambon


Lishu Wang