IAU Establishes Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations

IAU’s Student Association (ISA) is a form of student governance established to allow students to communicate its needs to the administration. The ISA is a way to connect with students, organize student activities, and build campus life. The ISA provided student officers an opportunity to develop leadership, event planning, and organizational skills. Additionally, officers gained a sense of community and the ability to give back to the IAU student community. 

With the success of the ISA, IAU has decided to allow other student organizations to establish themselves and officially be recognized. These shall be known as Recognized Student Organizations (RSO). Student clubs and organizations represent the most visible and accessible avenue to student involvement and support the mission of IAU by providing active involvement in co-curricular experiences. The goal for the RSO program is to provide opportunities to engage, learn, and lead, allowing students to pursue their passions and interests with other students while developing leadership and organizational skills.

RSOs can apply as a Cultural, Professional, or Recreational organization. RSOs may receive funding from the Student Activities Fund to finance their events. If students are interested in starting an RSO, please review the RSO Guidelines. Information, as well as an application and sample constitution can be found on the IAU website. 

For questions on how to submit an application to become an RSO, please contact isal@iaula.edu

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