Doctor of Management (DM)

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Executive Doctor of Management (DM) students enter the program with an exceptional professional background and a commitment to self-improvement. They have an opportunity here at IAU to explore their leadership style and ideas for their organization or own business. The DM program will help students – executive leaders - to improve their knowledge in management and leadership by designing and implementing Organizational Structure, Development, Planning, Assessing, Implementing, and more. Most importantly, the students in this program will learn how to listen to understand rather than listen to respond, so they can identify issues. Students work on case studies and present their findings in the seminar-style courses. For each project, the students will develop and discuss the following steps: ENTRY, DIAGNOSIS, FEEDBACK, SOLUTION, and EVALUATION.



Primary objectives of this program include equipping students with the knowledge and ability to:

  1. Employ advanced written communication skills to share complex information, organizational vision, and actionable guidelines to various audiences. (ILO1)
  2. Deliver advanced oral presentations that use effective content, organization, and delivery, accompanied by appropriate technology. (ILO2)
  3. Demonstrate the skills, competence, and critical thinking required to design, execute, and evaluate creative and meaningful research in a field of specialization. (ILO2)
  4. Generate, evaluate, and assess the Christian ethical obligations and responsibilities of business for the purpose of responsible management. (ILO5)
  5. Demonstrate effective information literacy skills including formulation of research problems; integration of previous publications into an appropriate literature review; design of a research study; data analysis; ability to summarize and present the results. (ILO6)



Instruction can be completed through online instructional methodologies.