Capitico PRG, India is Exclusive Partner for IAU Honorary Award Program

IAU is pleased to announce that it has established an exclusive partnership with Capitico PRG, Noida, India to serve as its exclusive partner for the IAU Honorary Award Program.

Capitico PRG has established itself in the field of education consulting, led by industry experts and specialists. It has partnered with leading universities across the globe for redefining education concepts, enabling access & affordability and inducting new age academic research across the education ecosystem.

IAU’s Honorary Award program recognizes persons of academic prominence in the broad fields of research and scholarship of particular interest to the University, entrepreneurs, and others, distinguished in business and industry. IAU screens its candidates for educational background, professional accomplishments, awards and achievements, publications, contributions to academia, and contributions to the community.

Those who have received Honorary Degrees from IAU in the past include a list of Who’s Who. They include Dr. Rosalía Arteaga Serrano, Former President of the Republic of Ecuador, Dr. Khil Raj Regmi, de facto Prime Minister of Nepal and Chief Justice of Nepal, and Princess Dr. Maria Leonora “Amor” Torres of the Philippines.

Capitico PRG will be holding its first IAU Honorary Award Convocation in Delhi, India in Summer 2022. Near 350 important dignitaries will be present at the Award Convocation.  Stay tuned for news and photos of this magnificent event.


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