2021 Professor and Student of the Year

Each year, IAU presents the Professor of the Year (POTY) Award and the Student of the Year (SOTY) Award.

The POTY is selected by the IAU student body. A survey listing all the IAU instructors who have taught that academic year is administered to active students to vote. Each student is authorized one vote and allowed two weeks to vote. The professor with the most votes wins. This year’s POTY recipient is Dr. Alex Sherm!

Similarly, the SOTY is selected by voting as well. However, for the SOTY award, the voters consist of IAU faculty and staff. They choose a student who embodies Blue Eagle values. This includes, but is not limited to academic performance, helpfulness in class, volunteering, or leadership, such as serving on the IAU Student Association (ISA). This year’s SOTY recipient is Misun Choi!!

Congratulate Dr. Alex Sherm and Misun Choi the next time you see them!!


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