Newly Appointed Program Chairs

IAU is proud to announce that it has appointed two new program chairs effective Fall 2022.

Prof. Ira Lovitch has served as the Program Chair, Undergraduate Business since 2020. Prof. Lovitch has done a great job these past few years and was critical for helping IAU to achieve accreditation with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS). However, Prof. Lovitch is no longer able to serve in this capacity any longer. 

Replacing Prof. Lovitch as Program Chair, Undergraduate Business is his colleague, Prof. Rocio Pacheco. Prof. Pacheco is an executive in Hospitality and a veteran in Human Resources for over 27 years. Prof. Pacheco’s full biography is available on IAU’s Faculty page. Prof. Pacheco will bring new ideas to improve the undergraduate business programs. 

IAU recently announced that it added a new program, the Doctor of Management (DM). The newly appointed Program Chair, DM is Dr. Alex Sherm. Dr Sherm’s full biography is available on IAU’s Faculty page. Dr. Sherm will bring their experiences to establish and grow the DM program.


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