Korean MBA in Beauty Management Launches in Summer 2022

IAU is proud to announce that it has partnered with STHIS, SNU (Seoul National University) Technology Holdings Intelligence Service, Seoul, S. Korea to deliver a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Beauty Management. Since 2010, IAU has been offering online learning services which integrate business management education. For STHIS, it has been providing three categories of services since 2013; business consulting, education services, and educational platforms. STHIS commits itself to delivering unmatched depth and expertise by utilizing knowledgeable leaders, professors, and researchers in their chosen field.

Beginning with the Summer Session 1, 2022, the MBA in Beauty Management will be launching at IAU! MBA in Beauty Management is designed with a concentrated curriculum that prepares students to succeed in the beauty industry. This program is focused on fundamental business knowledge in accordance with beauty management. Through the theoretical foundation, it provides the practical skills to identify, implement, and solve business issues. It includes important business management capabilities including business strategies, organizational theories, information systems, regulations, financial management, customer management, and entrepreneurship in the beauty industry.

One thing that makes this program unique is that it takes one year to complete. Some of the core courses required for the program include Business Law for Managers, Managerial Economics, and Organizational Behavior & Leadership. The elective major modules include interesting courses such as Consumer management for Beauty Industry, Entrepreneurship in Beauty Industry, and Beauty and Health. Along with taking these courses, students have opportunities to have an internship with the Federation of K-Beauty Professionals. Students are also given the opportunity to attend a seminar with entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

STHIS’s program commits itself to delivering high-quality services that will give a positive and tangible impact on their clients. The MBA in Management program looks to give students the tools to be able to apply concepts in the principal fields of beauty management to support business decisions. Graduates from the program can expect to find employment opportunities in the beauty industry, become entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, be promoted to a higher position in the beauty industry, and become an instructor in beauty management.

The program is delivered in a bilingual format in English and, primarily, Korean, so applicants must be able to read, write, and speak Korean proficiently. If interested, please email cas@iaula.edu.


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