IAU Establishes MOU with UETR, India

In February 2022, IAU and the University of Engineering and Technology Roorkee (UETR), Uttarakhand, India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). One of the scopes of the MOU included academic interaction between faculty and students of partner schools. A recent engagement took place between a UETR faculty member and IAU’s Dr. Petra Deeter’s graduate students in MGT 620 Operations Management and Supply Chain which took place on March 21, 2022 via web-conferencing.

Dr. Sagar Gulati, Professor and Dean Computing at UETR delivered an “Invited Talk” over the theme – “Artificial Intelligence and Business Decisions”.  Dr. Gulati started his talk with the strong emergence of the term – AI in Business Decisions and explained the power of Machine Learning in data-driven decisions. He shared with the students about the top 5 companies of the world, i.e., Facebook (presently known as Meta), Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google (now, Alphabet) and their combined capitalization of nearly $7.1 trillion.

This “Invited Talk” was IAU and UETR’s first engagement of sharing of faculty resources and IAU looks forward to many more. In the near future, other topics from UETR’s faculty may include Inflation: An Economic Phenomenon, Need of Ethics in Today’s Business, Strategies to Combat Stress, Management of Cross Cultural Workforce, Team Effectiveness, Employee Engagement and Retention. By introducing international expertise from around the world, IAU continues to bring unique learning experiences to the classrooms to continuously improve the educational experience for its Blue Eagles. sheds plans ideas 


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