IAU Establishes College Credit Transfer Agreement with OnlineDegree.com

​​IAU and OnlineDegree.com recognize the desirability of ​​OnlineDegree.com students to be able to transfer to ​credit to ​accredited degree programs. ​​Therefore, ​IAU ​and ​OnlineDegree.com have entered into a cooperative agreement which will allow students with coursework from OnlineDegree.com to transition into degree programs at IAU.

The education and evaluation of transfer credit is based on National College Credit Recommendation Services (NCCRS) recommendations and in accordance with IAU’s standard transfer policies. Credits for undergraduate coursework designated from OnlineDegree.com are recognized by and transferrable to IAU’s undergraduate programs for students at OnlineDegree.com. An official transcript must be received before credit may be granted towards a student’s program and only courses with a grade of C or higher are transferable.

Other institutions that accept credit from OnlineDegree.com include Grand Canyon University, Pierce College, and Southern New Hampshire University to name a few. IAU is proud to stand alongside these great institutions to make it easier and affordable for students to complete a degree.

For questions about OnlineDegree.com courses, please visit https://www.onlinedegree.com/.

By following this link, you can learn more about the College Credit Transfer Agreement for International American University and OnlineDegree.com.


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