Complete Degree Faster with Prior Experiential Learning

Prior Experience Learning (PEL) allows students to earn credit for skills gained during the course of their professional careers through documented evidence that outlines the work they have done and what they have learned on the job.

Effective Fall 2023, IAU allows degree students to receive college credit through portfolio development for prior learning experiences that do not have a standardized mechanism for college credit evaluation (e.g. external standardized credit-by-exam, articulated licensure, or certification), in accordance with guidelines established by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL). Through what students have done and what they have learned, they can show what they know and earn credit for it!

PEL is only available for degree students, not certificate students. Students will be required to submit a portfolio to be reviewed by one of our subject matter experts (SME) to be granted PEL credit. The portfolio will contain information and documentation sources (evidence of experience) to demonstrate the learning achieved. PEL credit can be granted for Core, General Education, Major, or Elective courses. PEL credit is awarded on the student’s transcript and will count towards degree completion. 

A non-refundable fee is required for each portfolio assessment. But by utilizing PEL credit, a student may be able to complete their degree program faster and save on total tuition fees to graduate. 

For more information about the PEL policy, process, documentation required, and fee, please visit the website.


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