Testimonial Ruth Barbosa, MBA, 2017

I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to study at IAU with highly educated and experienced professors. The IAU staff was polite and helpful. Thank you IAU for providing me with theoretical and practical knowledge of business and management.

The classroom-hybrid and online method of instruction is beneficial; especially for international students. The online courses are very effective and easy to access with user-friendly software. The schedules of the classes are flexible, which allows students to work part time or full time through CPT.

The professors at IAU have extensive backgrounds in the business field, as well as real life experiences as CEOs and managers at well-known companies. They have taught us how to apply and connect key concepts with real life experiences. Human resource, management, and business law classes were the most beneficial classes for me. I would like to mention Professor Ira Lovitch and Professor Maxine McKenely who were my favorite professors. They showed us how class concepts can be applied in real life situations.

By completing the MBA program, I have gained a lot of knowledge about management and expansion of businesses. Overall, the programs and courses at IAU have an incredibly effective class environment. The classes encourage student participation, in which we get to share our opinions and evaluate the courses. Lastly, I got to meet and make many friends with students from all over the world.

I highly recommend those who are looking to study business administration to go to IAU. Testimonial received April 2018