Testimonial Regueiro, Stephanie, BBA, 2021

I enjoyed my BBA studies at IAU because the professors made the classes captivating and were always here for us if we had any questions. I loved the psychology and marketing classes because those subjects were so interesting to me and Professor Amanda Kenderes made the psychology classes fun and super interesting. I also had to take public speaking classes which was a little intimidating at first but my professor, Ms. Andrea Proctor, was great at making us feel more comfortable and providing us with useful feedback to improve our public speaking skills. At the end of that class, I was way more confident in my presentations and felt like it gave me the tools to be ready to apply what I learned to be successful at giving clear and engaging presentations in a business setting. I also enjoyed the finance, money & banking, and accounting classes I took with Professor Alex Sherm. He was always giving us good concrete examples making it easier to understand the not-always-so-easy theory and was overall an amazing professor. Last but not least, Professor Avalon Sookdeo was amazing always providing great motivation and encouraging speech. His classes were refreshing, giving us a great positive can-do attitude towards life. He also made sure we were always fully participating in the class discussions and writing our essays using our best critical thinking.

Finally, every time I had to contact IAU staff, they were very efficient, helpful and fast at answering any requests or concerns. All of this with a smile and a positive attitude. I can’t thank them enough. Whether it was the Office of Admissions, Registrar, Career Services, Student Services, Finance, or DSO –all of them were awesome throughout my whole BBA program. It is always good to know you have competent people here to answer any questions you may have.

When COVID-19 hit I was so grateful that IAU already had a strong online platform which allowed us to continue safely our studies throughout the pandemic. The staff worked hard to make sure we could all continue our programs safely and with the best possible education. Even though it does not replace the classes in person, they made their best to provide the best alternative so we could all be safe.

As a student at IAU, you can also register to interesting workshops during your studies which will provide you with additional important tools to prepare you for the business world. I particularly enjoyed their 9 to 5’er Entrepreneurship Workshop, since I’d love to start my own business in the near future. I also appreciated the classes size, which were not too big nor too small, giving the opportunity for everyone to participate in class and receive constructive feedback from our professors.

Overall, I believe my studies at IAU gave me additional tools to be more confident and successful in my business career, whether it would be working for an existing company or creating my own. Their internship programs also gives us an opportunity to improve our skills and apply the theory we learn in class to concrete business life. Additionally, while studying at IAU you will get the opportunity to meet other students from all over the world, learn about different cultures and make connections that could last a lifetime. Testimonial received March 2021.