Testimonial Pang, Sharon, MBA, 2022

My personal study experience at the IAU has changed my life, and I believe it will be an excellent choice for any student looking to broaden their horizons and advance their education. It helped me get my MBA, and MBA study helped me understand how business works. I found a nice environment where I could work with great people, and then I got my H1B visa.

IAU provides an exceptional education to students from all over the world. Teaching staff are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed to helping students achieve their academic and personal goals. They let students look beyond themselves and create a supportive environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

IAU has had an even bigger impact on me personally. The diverse students and faculty helped me broaden my horizons and understand the world better, being an “ international talent”, I can work anywhere I want.

I highly recommend IAU to all international students who wish to broaden their educational and cultural horizons. It is an institution of excellence, offering a first-class education, a supportive community, and a rich cultural experience. I believe attending IAU will change your life in ways you never thought possible. It is especially suitable for international students who want to gain more opportunities. Testimonial received February 2023.