Testimonial Muzamil Khan, MBA, 2010

The MBA program from International American University has molded and transformed me in such a way that I can face the challenges and expectations of the current market and current industries. I can say that to have graduated from IAU is a pride and honor and in financial terms –it’s worth it!! IAU’s MBA program has given a boost to my career and transformed me into a professional financial planner, starting a career as Accountant to a Manager in FP&A role at Home Credit India, which is part of Home Credit Group, an international consumer finance provider which was founded in 1997 and has operations in 9 countries. Home Credit India lending model empowers underserved customers with little or no credit history by enabling them to borrow easily and safely, both online and offline.

I was pursuing the MBA at IAU during the Recession or Global Economic slowdown during 2008-2010 and All the subjects we had during the course were very realistic and dynamic. I did work on real time case studies, citing economic scenarios and working on live case studies, presentations, discussions and brain-storming sessions. These real time case studies and subjects from IAU and teaching strategies implemented by their faculty helped me understand the whole purpose and the concepts of the corporate culture and environment and being ethical while discharging our duties.

International American University has an unmatched commitment to cross-disciplinary thinking, unique teaching principles and a way of thinking out of the box with real time curriculum. Elements of the programs at IAU are designed to polish our business vernacular and keep us up-to-date with current market and industry standards. These pillars have helped me communicate with clients and maintain strong relationships throughout the duration of long projects.

Beyond the attraction of the MBA program, I had the faculty and colleagues around me who were innovative thinkers and drew me to my dream. I learned the most from my teaching faculty and peers. Students and faculty were always willing to engage in intellectual debates, Table Topic speech and there were rarely moments where I was not learning and thinking about the multifaceted issues that affect the world.

I would always suggest people to choose IAU because the learning experience and exposure to real world issues is priceless and you can take me as a living example. Before completing my MBA at IAU, I had no formal business education and I have now reached a mid-management position and have a vast experience in dealing with clients, vendors, project transitions and internal management!

Testimonial received May 2020.