Testimonial Krishna Paudel, BBA, 2014

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IAU offers professors who provide pure guidelines, well equipped technology, and various formal and informal teaching methodologies that sharpen the learning environment.

Frequent interaction with Ryan Doan, Md Osman, and IAU advisers helped me realize my potential. They provided me with the knowledge and tools that were necessary to be efficient in my academics and they showed me how to get the most out of the curriculum.

The blending of analytical rigor with practical relevance enriches the development of learning, which provides smooth and effective transition into the work force. I have been able to apply skills I’ve learned in human resources, finance, and marketing to my own professional career.

Most students enter college with a major or career path in mind and most students end up changing their minds. Exploring is a very important part of the academic process, and gaining work experience is a great way for students to acquaint themselves with a field they are interested in. By the time of graduation, the students have confidence that the degrees they are receiving are the right degrees for them.

Many people learn best by hands on experience. Everyone can benefit from seeing what have been learning in class put to action, whether it’s in a chemistry research lab, a marketing development meeting, or a substance abuse counseling session.

It’s all about who you know. As a student intern, you are surrounded by professionals in the industry that you are seeking access to. It’s more than just about getting a grade, earning credit, or making money. This is an opportunity to learn from everyone around you, ask questions, and impress them with your eagerness. These people can be your future colleagues or even the connection to your first job.

My four years at Nova International College was wonderful time to identify, refine, and pursue a number of ventures that were personally and professionally rewarding.

As an affiliate from overseas, I would like to say a great thank you for your co-operation and coordination in terms of students affairs and interaction! Testimonial posted April, 2016.

Krishna Paudel
MBA Graduate
Purbanchal University
WhiteHouse Graduate School Of Management
Kathmandu, Nepal