Testimonial Bellido, Maxwell, MBA, 2020

Having had the opportunity to study the MBA program at the International American University has been one of the best decisions I have made in my professional life, as it has helped to complement my profile in a significant way and increase my personal and professional potential. The most valuable thing that I can highlight about the program and the institution is the excellent quality of its human resources, both the teaching staff and its administrative staff, always ready to assist and guide students throughout the training process, as well as post-completion.

The MBA program offered is dynamic, versatile, and grounded in current reality, which is supported by frequent studies of highly relevant corporate cases that have occurred in the recent past and today. With the above, the result of my training in this program I can classify as of great value and transcendence, as it expanded in addition to my knowledge and experience my capacity for analysis and critical thinking, which of course has made me a professional much more complete than I was before joining IAU.

Another aspect that I found positive about the experience during the course was the possibility of being in contact with people of different origins, which of course, helped enrich the experience since different ideas are generated from plurality. This produces a greater debate, which helps you to strengthen your criteria and character as a person and professional.

In general, the administrative and class registration process during the program is very simple and you always have the professional and friendly assistance of the administrative staff of the University, making the process easier and allowing us to concentrate on what is most important: the training and use of knowledge.

Therefore, if you are one of those who are looking for an excellent institution to study a quality MBA, I highly recommend choosing IAU for this purpose. Surely in the end you will feel like me, that it was one of the most successful decisions at a professional level that I have ever made. To date, I am currently in the middle of my process to begin my Ph.D. in Political Science. Testimonial received December 2020.