Testimonial Agencia, Jamella, MBA, 2021

IAU instructors and staff helped me a lot in my journey towards my career, they were supportive and helpful to students from the beginning up to the end of our academic years –from welcoming students, orientation, up to graduation and even in employment. Professors do and give their best, especially Dr. Vahick Yedgarian, to teach students, share their knowledge and experiences. They even make classroom learning enjoyable by working in groups where we share different ideas, outlooks and cultural information about each other, which is also how we gain new friends.

I learned a lot from all of my classes, but it is the Economics class that I found most important. It’s about the United States economy and the corporate world, which is very useful in whatever career we would want to pursue. IAU and our instructors provided almost all the resources we need, from academic texts, all kinds of reference materials, and online library access.

Having an MBA degree from an American institution helped me a lot in my career preparation here in the United States. I felt prepared and confident that I have the knowledge and criteria that employers want and need. I am very grateful for all my instructors’ teachings, advice and support during my studies at International American University.

All of IAU’s programs are flexible with regards to scheduling, class size is small enough for the instructor to get know each of their students and workloads are reasonable and workable. Professors and staff are always willing and quick to support and help their students with all their inquiries and academic needs. Testimonial received February 2021.