Harvard Business School Online Collaboration


The Harvard Business School Online collaborative offers opportunities between IAU students with Harvard faculty and graduates and with other students from across the U.S. and around the world. For the first time, CORe is dually offered as graduate credit through IAU – along with the Harvard Certificate. The focus of HBS Online courses is to enhance students’ proficiency and skill-set in various verticals. The aim is to share international standard content with the students which will not only prepare them for the future and open an array of career paths for them but also ensure that they will receive quality lessons and content that is needed to be successful in the ever-growing professional world. This unique opportunity allows students to connect and study business outside of their experience on campus at IAU.

Welcome to the IAU’s School of Business collaboration with Harvard Business School’s digital learning initiative—HBS Online CORe.


Jump start a career with a professional certificate with these benefits!

  • Registered at the HBS Online.
  • HBS Online platform.
  • Earn a Credential of Readiness issued by HBS Online.
  • Taught by world class HBS Online faculty.
  • Course focuses on developing basic fluency in analytics, economics, and financial accounting.
  • Build a foundational set of skills that can help students get ahead.
  • 24/7 support.


Credential of Readiness (CORe)

The HBS Online CORe is a rigorous, immersive, online program covering three foundation business subjects, including: business analytics, economics for managers, and financial accounting. This CORe program will provide students with the tools needed to develop skills and will conclude with a proctored exam (no additional fee) to earn the Credential of Readiness issued by HBS Online!

  • Get hands-on practice interpreting Analytics and implementing analyses to solve real business problems.
  • Learn how to craft successful business strategy through the power of Economics.
  • Explore key Accounting concepts and principles to unlock critical insights into business performance and potential.


What are Classes Like?

The HBS CORe program is offered in an asynchronous, online format, but the coursework is presented with active learning dynamics and a social learning platform, which connects students to actively engage in course discussion. Through HBS Online, students will engage with material through case-method instruction from HBS faculty and interact with participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences.


How the Program Works

Part 1 | Registering

Note that IAU participates in the CORe program once a year in 17-week cohorts. The HBS courses will appear on the registration form as “HBS”. Select the course.
F-1 students must take HBS Online courses concurrently with campus classes to maintain lawful status. Contact ssp@iaula.edu to register properly.

Part 2 | Paying for Classes

Through this official collaboration, IAU students receive a discounted tuition fee when registering for HBS online Courses. Students will be paying their tuition directly to IAU and IAU shall be invoiced directly by HBS. Unfortunately, IAU students on a scholarship or tuition discount may not apply towards HBS Online. Students must pay the standard IAU tuition.
See refund policy below.

Part 3 | Studying

The bulk of time will be spent online in HBS Online CORe. Students will learn Business Analytics, Financial Accounting, and Economics for Managers via HBS Online’s innovative online platform. Course content is developed by HBS Faculty and leverages the school’s renowned case-method of study. Students will interact with a global community of motivated learners through HBS Online CORe’s peer-to-peer learning model. The online platform fosters students’ engagements with course content and the larger global learning community.

Part 4 | Final Exam

In order to earn The Credential of Readiness from HBS Online, students must pass a final exam during the two-week examination period.


Program Grades

The mastery of program materials will be assessed based on the scores on module quizzes and final exams, as well as the quality and extent of participation. CORe program grades are assigned on the following scale:

Pass with High Honors

To pass CORe with High Honors, student must meet all requirements referenced below:

  • Demonstrate a superior level of content mastery
  • Make exemplary contributions to the program through engagement and participation.

Pass with Honors

To pass CORe with Honors, student must meet all requirements referenced below:

  • Demonstrate a strong level of content mastery
  • Make strong contributions to the program through engagement and participation


To pass CORe, must demonstrate:

  • Mastery of course content
  • Satisfactorily complete all quizzes, the final exam, and required participation elements.


Participants will not pass the CORe program and will not be awarded a Credential of Readiness if, in one or more courses, they fail to do one or more of the following:

  • Complete all module quizzes and the final exam
  • Demonstrate content mastery on module quizzes and final exam
  • Satisfactorily complete all required participation elements


Course Grades

Note Course grades are based on the following three components, with the approximate weighting of each component:

  • The CORe final exam score (50% of final course grade),
  • The module quiz score average (35% of final course grade), and
  • The quality of participation on in-course reflections, cold calls, and shared reflections (15% of final course grade)

Please keep these weights in mind when considering how to best allocate time and effort.

Students should expect to spend a significant amount of time each week completing the modules—and the program—on time. Each module, including the module quiz, must be completed by its stated deadline. If a module is not complete by the deadline, students must still work through the module materials and complete the module quiz; however, the quiz score will be recorded as a zero for that module.

In calculating the overall quiz average for each course, HBS will exclude the lowest score. Therefore, if unable to complete one module quiz in a course by the deadline, it will not affect the overall grade. Missing more than one quiz deadline per course, however, will adversely affect the course grade and eligibility for the CORe credential. All modules and quizzes in CORe must be completed to be eligible to take the CORe final exam and receive a passing grade for the program.

HBS does not allow students who do not complete CORe or fail the program to take it again. Participants who are concerned about their ability to successfully complete the program are encouraged to defer to a future cohort or withdraw and reapply to a future cohort. By enrolling in the CORe program, participants will be ineligible to enroll in Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, or Financial Accounting as individual certificate programs.



IAU students must sign an HBS | CORe Non-Refundable Agreement. IAU students may not defer or receive a refund since they are enrolled through IAU. If students wish to withdraw, please contact ssp@iaula.edu and the Office of Student Support will inform HBS Online.