Graduation Petition


In order to graduate students must fill out a Graduation Petition Form and pay the graduation fee before the deadline.

Graduation Dates & Deadlines


There are six (6) graduation dates: Mar 15, May 15, Jul 15, Sep 15, Nov 15, Jan 15.
All the graduation dates are fixed.

Each graduation date has a corresponding deadline. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for deadlines. Graduation petitions are due by 11:59 PM (PST).

For example, if a student wishes to graduate at the end of Summer Session 1 (June 28), go to the Academic Calendar and look for the Graduation Petition Deadline found under Summer Session 1.

Graduation Fees


There is a $50 graduation fee (non-refundable). To make a payment online, by check or bank wire visit:

In an event where the student fails to submit the graduation petition by the deadline, a student shall be subject to a $25 late fee. A late petition is accepted up to three (3) weeks after the deadline. Otherwise, the student shall be advised to apply for the next available graduation date and maintain the full time requirement.

Graduation Petition Forms


All students seeking graduation must submit Graduation Petition Forms which can be on our Forms & Downloads page as well as listed below.

  1. ASBA Grad Petition and Evaluation
  2. BBA Grad Petition and Evaluation
  3. MBA Grad Petition and Evaluation
  4. DBA Grad Petition and Evaluation
  5. BAcc Grad Petition and Evaluation

Notice of Graduation Eligibility or Ineligibility


The Registrar Office checks and issues graduation petition submissions every Wednesday. If a graduation petition is submitted after Wednesday, Notice of Graduation Eligibility or Ineligibility shall be issued on the following Wednesday.