Graduate School of Management


The Graduate School of Management offers Master and Doctorate degree programs that seeks to develop the critical, analytical, and communication skills of the complete business executive of tomorrow by taking advantage of the most advanced theories, applications, and educational tools of today.

The faculty visualize the IAU graduate as an individual equipped with the broadest range of capabilities to maximize U.S. competitiveness, effectively meeting the challenges of a changing international, economic, legal, social, political, and technological environment.


You have the talent and energy to achieve your career dreams. Now you need a high-caliber business education to develop the knowledge, skills, and insights that will let you guide your organization to success in a dynamic technological and global environment – a graduate degree that will expand your horizons and enhance your career. IAU Masters program prepare you for the fast-changing, global business environment of the future. You will have opportunities to hone your decision making and leadership skills in a team environment.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics (MBA-BAn)
Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (MBA-MIS)
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Doctor of Management (DM)