IAU's affiliations with academic institutions, companies, and private organizations enable global educational opportunities for students in the U.S. and abroad, opening pathways for life-changing experiences. The partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships that educate students in their home country, and to provide pathways to earning a U.S. degree. They also promote globalization through student, faculty, administrative, and cultural exchange opportunities.

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Our trusted partnerships include:

Articulation Agreements

Approved Support Centers

Academy E-Learning-BritainAmman, Jordan
Al-Bayan InternationalLebanon, Beirut
Global Education PlatformMiddlesex, United Kingdom
IGM Academy SDN BHD Selangor, Malaysia
Institut des Hautes Etudes en ManagementBamako, Mali
SNU Technology Holdings Intelligence ServiceSeoul, South Korea
University RoadDhaka, Bangladesh

Authorized Recruiters

Queen's Education GroupLos Angeles, USA
GururoBangalore, India

European Experience

Academic InstitutionLocation
Learnkey InstituteMalta