Different types of student visas

United States (US) has consistently been the number one destination for foreign students who would like to study abroad. In 2018, it was the third consecutive year that the United States of America had over one million international students who studied there.

There are actually several types of student visas that the U.S. government issues. Get to know each of the student visa types in this article. This information will be helpful for prospective international students to know which visa to apply for.

There are three types of student visas depending on your course of study:

F1 Visa – This is for academic studies; for students who are attending academic or English Language Program. This may be for both undergraduate and graduate students.
M1 Visa – This is for non-academic and vocational studies. These are career-focused and short-term programs. Students with this visa are not allowed to work during the course of their studies.
J1 Visa – This visa is for practical training. It is for international exchange visitors who need practical training.