Career Services


IAU’s Career Services consists of assisting students with resume writing, tips and interview techniques, advising of job openings and professional development workshops.

IAU’s programs do not prepare graduates for a specific occupation or employment and does not provide formal career planning services. All students are encouraged to speak with the staff, faculty, and instructors regarding career and professional planning. IAU will provide a list of employers who have contacted the University offering employment opportunities.

Students can find new employment opportunities on IAU’s Job Openings Page.

Career Assessment Tools

Utilizing these tools can help you target the specific position, work environment that best suits you. These sites provide tests and assessment tools to make career searching more productive. Each of the sites are free to use without obligation to sign-up for the service.

F-1 Visa / Working in the U.S.A.

If you are a foreign national, be aware of your employment eligibility and limitations. Please consult the following resources:

  1. IAU’s F-1 Services: Employment Authorization – CPT / OPT
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Tax Status / Filing Services

F-1 Employment/Internship Authentication Advice

If you are a foreign national, be aware of your employment authenticity. Please consult the following resources:

  1. When searching for internship opportunities, students are encouraged to reach out to their Designated School Official if they suspect a potential employer may be fraudulent. Some of the warnings students should keep in mind:
    • Employer websites are vague with no examples of client work, contact information or social media accounts.
    • Job activities do not match the description the employer provided to the school.
    • Job’s physical location does not look suitable for the employment and/or does not match the address listed on the Form I-983, “Training Plan for STEM OPT Students.”
    • Employer is a relatively unknown or unfamiliar employer that hires a large group of F or M students from a school.
    • All work is done remotely and/or through messaging apps.
  2. Those who feel that an employer is not complying with the terms or conditions of employment are encouraged to report the employer’s noncompliance in the following link:
  3. You may use the following guide to determine and document the direct relationship between employment and a major area of study:

Interview Advice

There are many resources out there to help you prepare for an upcoming job interview. Here are a few resources to get you started.

  1. Job Interviews:
  2. Ace the Interview:
  3. Interview Q&A:
  4. Interview Advice:
  5. How to Prepare for a Job Interview Infographic:
  6. Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers (20 Examples):
  7. Strengths & Weaknesses Question:
  8. Why Do You Want to Work Here?:
  9. Thank You Email After Interview:

Job Search Engines

A job search engine collect job listings from all over the internet to help you find the job that’s right for you. These employment sites can also offer career and job-search advice, employer reviews, and describe different job descriptions or employers.


Use Jooble to find jobs and internships tailored for students by using the keyword student in their search bar. After you graduate, come back to start your career by finding jobs in your area specific to your degree!


  1. Complete Guide to a Job Search:
  2. After College:
  3. Business Week:,+ca
  4. Career Bliss:
  5. Career Builder:
  6. College Recruiter:
  7. Career Rookie:
  8. Glass Door:
  9. Indeed:
  10. Idealist:
  11. Intern Jobs:
  12. InternMatch:
  13. Internships:
  14. LinkedIn:
  15. Monster:
  16. Neuvoo:
  17. Simply Hired:
  18. USA Jobs:
  19. Entry Level Jobs:
  20. Business Administrator Jobs:

Professional & Spiritual Development Workshops

IAU provides on-going opportunities for professional and spiritual development for the growth of faculty, staff, and students. Workshops are scheduled a session in advance. Stay connected with us as we announce new opportunities every session.

In 2018, IAU provided several professional and spiritual development workshops, here’s a few:

  • eCommerce: An Introductory to Dropshipping on Ebay (02/18)
  • Graduation / Optional Practical Training Workshop (02/18, 03/18, 05/18, 07/18, 09/18, 11/18)
  • Communicating with Tact & Professionalism (03/18)
  • Employment Based Visas & Green Cards (03/18)
  • Leading When Not The Leader (08/18)
  • Maximizing Your LinkedIn (09/18)
  • The Secret Codes of Creation (09/18)
  • Networking for Business Professionals (11/18)
  • Identity Lost (11/18)

Resume Writing

Use the IAU Writing Center for assistance writing your resume! Right-click here to copy the Writing Center email address for more information!

New links for 2021!

  1. Top Skills Employers Look For 2021: 200 recruiters and hiring managers detailing which skills employers and companies look for in 2021
  2. Top Traits and Qualities Employers Look for in 2021: The personality traits and qualities that recruiters and hiring managers value the most and find out the “X factor” that’ll win them over
  3. How to Make a Resume in 2021: A comprehensive guide on written by a Career Expert
  4. How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job in 2021: Written by a resume expert and career advice writer
  5. Free resume templates for students and graduates to download, curated by career experts and professional resume writers

Below are a few more resources to help you write your resume.

  1. How to Create a Resume that Gets Noticed
  2. How to Write a Resume for a Job
  3. How to Format and Upload Your Resume for the Online Job Search
  4. Complete Guide to Writing a Student Resume (13 Tips and Examples)
  5. Resume Examples
  6. Resume Template
  7. How to Write an Effective Resume
  8. Resume Writing Tips
  9. Purdue Writing Lab
  10. Resume Tips
  11. Job Hero Resume & Cover Letter Builder

Resume Samples

  1. Visual CV
  2. Live Career
  3. Job Hero
  4. Velvet Jobs
  5. Cover Letters & Resume
  6. Novoresume

Cover Letter Writing

Use the IAU Writing Center for assistance writing your cover letter! Right-click here to copy the Writing Center email address for more information!

Check out the links below for resources to help you write your cover letter!

  1. How to Format a Cover Letter in 2021
  2. How to Address a Cover Letter