Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting (BBA-Acc)

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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting degree is a degree that combines the study of business, management, and economics with courses that provide the analytical and quantitative skills essential to a sound accounting education. This can also prepare you to pursue advanced education. The coursework provides students with a solid business foundation in the field. An emphasis is on critical thinking, decision-making, and Christian ethical behavior. The BBA degree program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore business administration and accounting, meet educational goals, and enhance their career opportunities.



Primary objectives of this program include equipping students with the knowledge and ability to:

  1. Demonstrate effective writing skills. (ILO1)
  2. Demonstrate effective oral presentation skills. (ILO2)
  3. Demonstrate advanced elements of critical thinking to analyze issues, solve problems, and make business decisions. (ILO3)
  4. Integrate learning in the areas of general education, accounting, economics, management, and technology and apply them to business strategy and policy. (ILO4)
  5. Evaluate an ethical dilemma and make an appropriate recommendation to address it based on Christian ethics. (ILO4)



Instruction can be completed through classroom-hybrid and/or online instructional methodologies.