Academic Services


Facility & Study Hours


Study Groups

Campus Students. IAU believes that study groups can be very valuable in the learning process. They can provide support, discipline, and ready feedback. Campus students can form study groups on campus. Areas are made available for students to study together on campus or at designated centers.

Online Students. As with any distance-learning program with students throughout the world, it is difficult for students to convene in traditional study groups for learning purposes. IAU provides for “electronic interaction” between students and their instructors, which it believes offsets this limitation. Through electronic means, students are in direct one-on-one contact with their online professors and academic staff to enhance their learning.

Textbook Services

The textbook list is posted online so that students can acquire the required textbook. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the textbook(s) required for the classes they are enrolled in. The estimated cost of one used textbook is $75-100. To calculate the total textbook expense for the entire program, multiply $90 x how many courses in the program.

Most textbooks can also be obtained through major bookstores such as:

Tutoring -
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